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Christmas is but a few days away and very much like Christmas, I too have decided to make an end-of-year appearance.

I haven’t been around much this year, despite the very best of intentions. Indeed, the posts I wrote for CINDER, brief as they were, had been written a month in advance and scheduled for publication.

Last year (or was it the beginning of this one?), I laid out my plans for 2016. I won’t be doing that again. I’ve forgotten the last time I looked back at a year a given it the thumbs up, but this one was not as bad as some. It was a year where the mundane took command of the wheel and writing slumped into the backseat (with headphones on) and counted the number of fences it could jump as the year flashed by the window.

As the New Year struggles through customs with an overzealous official, I will head back into the rising sun with my suitcase full of good intentions. This time, however, I’ll offer them up for sacrifice and focus solely upon finishing Glade.

Yes, I’m still working on it. There are no timelines or deadlines anymore, but I would very much like to be looking at covers before 2017 pops its clogs.

Before I go and grab my glass of mulled wine, I would like to thank those that have stuck around and offered their continued support despite my absence. Cheers. In particular, I would like to thank my fellow author and award-winning poet, CW Hawes, for the occasional mention here and there throughout the year. Much appreciated.

If you are not familiar with his work, CW Hawes is the prolific author of a number of books and genres from the ongoing Rocheport Saga to the amazing Pierce Mostyn Paranormal Investigations and the adventures of Justinia Wright, P.I., amongst many others. I can heartily recommend the sextet of books written to date within The Rocheport Saga. For anyone that enjoys a post-apocalyptic setting (with a focus upon survival rather than the commonplace fare of zombie avoidance), then this is well worth your time.

And so, without further ado (my wine is getting cold), I present to you a simple Christmas offering. Now, despite alternative suggestions from my old friends, Messrs Snuffle and Snaggle (suggestions which involved the use of blindfolds and pitchforks…), I have decided to give you all two free wallpapers inspired by the short story, CINDER.

It’s not seasonal and there are no ribbons, but they are rather nice on the eye.

Merry Christmas and all that… oh, and cheers!

CINDER is available in ebook and print at

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