CINDER – Carols for the Damned…

In October, I never got around to releasing the playlist I used whilst writing CINDER. So, here it is… not exactly seasonal, although, with a glass of mulled wine, a log fire, and a room of candles… it does work.

Actually, the playlist has been public for a couple of months, so maybe you already stumbled upon it. Nah, probably not.

It’s a small playlist. Only 21 tracks. Some of the tracks I also listened to whilst writing A Bump in the Night. It’s a little darker than that playlist, though.

It’s always hard to say which track got more playtime. Once again, The Cure features a lot. I’m also rather fond of Cranes. Alison Shaw’s voice is deliciously haunting. If I could eat it, I probably would. There are one or two tracks that might seem out of place, but they just seemed to appeal at different times during the writing. Memories can be like that. The last track, Mr Self Destruct by NIN, was one that I had in mind before I even added it to the playlist.

As always, the videos below were chosen purely for their sound and not for any other reason (or because I couldn’t find another).

So, for those of you tired of listening to carols, have a listen to this selection before retiring for the night… oh, and pleasant dreams!

  1. Three Imaginary Boys – The Cure
  2. New Dawn Fades – Joy Division
  3. How Beautiful You Are – The Cure
  4. Where Fishes Go – Live
  5. Speak No Evil – Cocteau Twins
  6. Cold – The Cure
  7. In The Flat Field – Bauhaus
  8. Hot Ride – The Prodigy (ft. Juliette Lewis)
  9. Golgotha Tenement Blues – Machines of Loving Grace
  10. The River – Nymphs
  11. From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea – The Cure
  12. Lillies – Cranes
  13. Night Shift – Siouxsie & the Banshees
  14. Mire – Theatre of Tragedy
  15. Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Bauhaus
  16. The Figurehead – The Cure
  17. Alice – The Sisters of Mercy
  18. Come This Far – Cranes
  19. No Time To Cry – The Sisters of Mercy
  20. Kitty’s Dead – Seraphim Shock
  21. Mr Self Destruct – Nine Inch Nails

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