I had wanted to write something for someone.

Unfortunately, I found that my mind was blank even though, at that time, my heart was overflowing. I just could not come up with the words to any ‘traditional’ poem and so I came out with this that you see below. It is something that has seen many forms over the years but finally, it all came together for me to see ‘completed’.

I actually first¬†wrote this on a stairwell the day before Valentine’s Day back in 1998. I gave to it the girl I was dating at the time in its original format. It was not appreciated. Make of that what you will.

I put it here now some ten years later, polished and cleaned, for others to see. These are my own thoughts on that most elusive and yet sought after emotion… love.


“True love is like a pyramid in the desert.
An oasis amidst the barren sands of life.
At first one might only see a fraction of it,
But the longer one devotes to it, perseveres with uncovering it,
The greater and more magnificent it does become.
It is something both mysterious and enlightening,
That can transcend both space and time,
And weather the harshest of conditions.
It is truly the purpose of life.

– Addendum –

And yet, one must beware the consequences of ever turning away,
Or ignoring it for very long.
Ever more the folly it is to give up the search entirely!
For in doing so one may eventually lose it altogether beneath the sands,
Never again to catch a glimpse of its splendour.
And no matter how hard they might struggle in their search,
Or however long their toil should be, it shall forever be lost to them.
And alone they shall stand within the wastelands of their life,
Upon the broken ruin of their dreams.”

– Crispian Thurlborn, “Love” (2008)


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