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Here’s the Pinterest board for EXIT

As always, whenever I stumble across an image that appeals to the story that I’m currently writing, I pin it to an artboard. I don’t always bother editing the tags… that’s too much bother. I really only care about the visual and the inspiration that it provides.

The image I used for the cover is not there this time. I found that whilst rummaging around on the internet for someone else. I saw it. It saw me.

The images I’m using for the paperback cover are not on the board either. Again, the base image was one that I found some time ago before I had even decided to write the story. I filed it away as I knew I’d have a use for it one day. The other image – Tommy’s face – are photos provided by a friend and so I didn’t want to make them public at this time.

EXIT is available in ebook and print at

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