“Beware!” – a poem from the novella “A Bump in the Night”

This is the poem that comes from the soon to be released novella, A Bump in the Night.

Originally, I had intended to release the novella for Halloween. The fact that living in a rural part of the world that exists outside of the US means that my proofs take an age to arrive. Not only does it take longer than it should, but they are also not delivered to my door. Getting them requires an hour round-trip on a specific day. In short, I’m still waiting after nearly two weeks. Should I be unhappy with them, then there will be further delays. At this rate, it will become a nightmare before Christmas!

Still, perhaps it’s true what they say. Good things come to those that wait…

The light switch clicks off,
You swallow in dread.
With covers pulled tight,
And arms around Ted.

“There’s nothing to fear,”
(So your mum and dad said).
But they hide in your wardrobe,
And under your bed.

(Your friends may laugh),
“It’s all in your head!”
But you know the truth…
And so do the dead!

– Crispian Thurlborn, “Beware!” (2015) from the novella, “A Bump in the Night”

A Bump in the Night is available in ebook and print at

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