A Bump in the Night – cover reveal

Good things come to those that wait… or so I’m told. If so, there is a rather large van speeding its way towards me as I write with a logo plastered on the side displaying the words ‘Good Things’. Of course, the driver has never heard of GPS, Google Maps, or even roadmaps in general. They will drive said van stuffed with good things around the countryside, eyes locked on the road, looking for something that resembles a giant letter ‘B’ (having already confirmed the existence of ‘A’ at the coffee machine back at the depot).

Yes, I’m still kicking my heels as I wait for things to arrive. I’m starting to wonder if G.R.R. Martin has taken on a part-time job as a courier agent in between writing the next sentence for Game of Thrones.

In the meantime… here’s the cover for my soon-to-be-released novella – A Bump in the Night

"A Bump in the Night" by Crispian Thurlborn

A Bump in the Night is available in ebook and print at

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